Jean-Baptiste Teyssier

Depart. of Mathematics, KU Leuven
Celestijnenlaan 200B, Leuven


Curriculum vitae

Research interests
(1) Irregularity for D-modules

(2) Wild ramification for ℓ-adic sheaves

(3) Stokes phenomenon

(4) Periods of algebraic connections

(5) Moduli spaces

  • Mixed Hodge Modules and birational geometry. 09-13/07/18. Mainz.
  • Conference on ramification theory, Galois representations and related topics. 22-24/03/18. Saitama. Japan
  • Singularities, toric geometry and differential equations. 19-23/03/18. Chemnitz.
  • Riemann-Hilbert correspondences. 05-09/02/18. Padova.
  • Singularities and Algebraic Geometry. 08-13/18. Da Nang. Vietnam.
seminars notes
Le théorème de Katz-Lang
Le théorème de finitude de Wiesend
On a vanishing theorem of S.Saito and K.Sato
A moving lemma, after Gabber, Liu, Lorenzini
A course on D-modules - Warwick 03/15
A course on irregular singularities of meromorphic connections - ETH, Zurich 10/15